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Waymo CEO sees driverless trucks catching on faster than taxis

29 October 2019 – True driverless cars have arrived from Waymo, the self-driving unit of Alphabet, but the company's cheif executive officer says robot ride hailing may not be the first form of automotive autonomy to take off commercially.

Apple co-founder: 'I've really given up' on Level 5

28 October 2019 – There was a time when Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was a believer in fully autonomous vehicles. But he has since tempered his expectations. There is simply too much unpredictability on roads, he said, for a self-driving car to manage.

Collaborative work "critical" for connected amd automated mobility to work, HORIBA MIRA says

24 October 2019 – As smart cities continue to gain momentum, HORIBA MIRA has stated it is critical that automotive and infrastructure providers work more collaboratively to bring connected and automated mobility (CAM) into the mainstream.

Self-driving cars to navigate London streets with £13m project

3 October 2019 – The DRIVEN consortium has celebrated a key milestone in its 30-month government-supported project by demonstrating the capabilities of a fleet of self-driving vehicles in London’s challenging and complex urban environment.

Is 2020 the year for Eyes-Off Automated Driving?

1 October 2019 – We are now seeing Level 2 automation at the forefront of current introductions and upgrades mainly from upscale brands. But for a few years now Level 3 has been in discussion as a natural step beyond Level 2.

North American cities release vision for AV policy

12 September 2019 – The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) in North America has released the second edition of its Blueprint for Autonomous Urbanism. The document focuses on the near-term policies and decisions that are necessary for autonomous technologies to improve transportation outcomes, rather than lead to an overall increase in driving, greenhouse gas emissions, and diminished public space in cities.

The Scottish Household Survey 2019: Transport Scotland

2 September 2019 – Transport Scotland have published the results of The Scottish Household Survey for 2019, looking at the transport and travel numbers in Scotland.

Evaluation of the driVR young road user education intervention

14 August 2019 – Safety Cameras Scotland, Transport Scotland, and TRL have produced a report on driVR which is an award winning young road user intervention for pupils (aged 16-18 years old) developed by Safety Cameras Scotland, Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council. The resource utilises Virtual Reality (VR) to engage pupils with road safety messages.