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New: Safety Case Framework

18 July 2019 – The Safety Case Framework - a report by Zenzic and authored by the Transport Research Laboratory, is now available to download.

London boroughs host data gathering exercise for automated vehicles

27 June 2019 – A UK company has started data gathering in two London boroughs as part of plans to trial a shared driverless passenger service in the Capital next year.

Top 10 jobs the UK needs for the self-driving vehicle revolution

24 June 2019 – Groundbreaking study with organisations such as Highways England and the Centre for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) plots the UK’s CAV ‘Roadmap to 2030’ including the skills critical for a self-driving future.

IIHS: New studies highlight driver confusion about automated systems

20 June 2019 – Vehicles are getting increasingly sophisticated, with more and more of them able to stay in a lane and maintain a set speed and following distance with minimal driver input. But this kind of automation has limitations that can be tricky for drivers to grasp, and two new IIHS studies highlight misperceptions or gaps in drivers' understanding.

Results of the first automated vehicles consultation on safety and lega liability published

19 June 2019 – The results of the first automated vehicles consultation on safety and legal liability have been published today.

Volvo and Uber to equip base-standard XC90 with self-driving capabilities

14 June 2019 – Volvo Cars has combined the base model of an XC90 SUV with a self-driving system from Uber Advanced Technologies Group to create its first production-standard autonomous vehicle. The result of a three-year collaboration in AV development, the self-driving Volvo XC90 is part of an ongoing commercial agreement with Uber for the delivery of tens of thousands of autonomous drive-ready base cars over the coming years.

StreetDrone announces e-NV200 Autonomous-Ready Minivan

1 June 2019 – StreetDrone, a self-driving systems provider to autonomous businesses has today announced its latest addition to its open interface, autonomous-ready vehicle range.

New app warns UK drivers about upcoming accident blackspots

23 May 2019 – A new application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the road ahead in real-time and warn drivers of potential accident hotspots has been released in the UK.

Why lidar technology is the way forward

2 May 2019 – Dr Mircea Gradu, senior vice president for quality and validation at Velodyne LiDAR, sheds some light on the development process of an automotive-grade lidar sensor and explains the role they could play in automotive safety.

DfT seeks to capitalise on its 'autonomous ready' vision.

26 April 2019 – The Department for Transport (DfT) is working on plans to provide local authorities with more financial flexibility on capital and revenue spending, as it seeks to make local roads 'autonomous vehicle ready'.