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Automated systems need stronger safeguards to keep drivers focused on the road

18 March 2020 – The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has issued a set of research-based safety recommendations on the design of partially automated driving systems.

Survey Seeks Drivers Views on Autonomous Vehicles

11 March 2020 – Drivers are being encouraged to share their views on autonomous vehicles, as part of a European-wide research project. You can take part.

BSI sets the standard for CAV test safety

3 March 2020 – BSI has released a new specification setting out minimum requirements for managing safety during development testing and when trialling automated vehicles both on and off public roads

TNB takes a look into the CAM future of commercial vehicles

27 February 2020 – The world of Connected Autonomous Mobility has huge potential for the commercial vehicle, freight and logistics, and public transport sectors. But just how does the development of CAM technologies in the UK compare to that of other countries, and how will our roads change in the next decade or so? This week TNB caught up with Dr Richard Porter, Technology and Innovation Director at Zenzic – the organisation at the forefront of the UK’s drive to a CAM future – and asked for his thoughts on the subject.

Jaguar Land Rover unveils 'autonomy ready' electric shuttle car concept

18 February 2020 – Jaguar Land Rover is the latest automaker to unveil an electric and “autonomy ready” shuttle pod designed for shared use in urban settings. “Project Vector” is just a concept, but the UK carmaker said it hopes to have some version of the vehicle on the road for testing by 2021.

Why Dead Sonos Speakers Mean You'll Never Own a Driverless Car

10 February 2020 – Why the tech inside a Tesla changes everything. Until the rise of Tesla, end-of-support woes have never really been a problem for the auto industry, where support traditionally ended when you drove the car off the lot. This changes radically with the arrival of automated vehicles, and it’s why you will probably never own one.

Self-driving electric Nissan Leaf navigates a 230 mile road journey.

7 February 2020 – A self-driving electric Nissan Leaf has navigated itself 230 miles up the country to complete the longest and most complex autonomous journey ever achieved on UK public roads.

Streetwise: developing self-driving vehicles for daily commute

5 February 2020 – Cars with a single occupant fill the streets of towns and cities in the UK. This leads to congestion and pollution and a lot of frustrating delay.

AI Self-Driving Cars Need To Cope With Human Drivers On The Roadways, Including Drivers With Dementia

31 January 2020 – Do you know someone that seems to be progressively forgetting things and their mind cannot remain focused on matters at-hand? Typically, regrettably, as we get older, humans tend to genuinely have a kind of mental decay and their brains sadly begin to deteriorate. There are an estimated 5 million people in the United States that are currently experiencing dementia. Keep in mind that dementia is not a disease per se, though some assume it is, and instead it is considered an umbrella term that encompasses the loss of our thinking skills and also the degradation of various memory processing aspects.

When AI Self-Imposed Constraints Aren't Good For Self-Driving Cars

24 January 2020 – Constraints. They are everywhere. Seems like whichever direction you want to move or proceed, there is some constraint either blocking your way or at least impeding your progress. Per Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s famous 1762 book entitled “The Social Contract,” he proclaimed that mankind is born free and yet everywhere mankind is in chains. Though it might seem gloomy to have constraints, I’d dare say that we probably all welcome the aspect that arbitrarily deciding to murder someone is pretty much a societal constraint that inhibits such behavior.