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Autonomous Vehicles in Industry - Leaders and Laggards

25 November 2019

Whilst all eyes are focused on Waymo, Tesla, GM (Cruise) and others in the autonomous passenger vehicle market; there is another battle playing out - the adoption of automation within industry which, in several examples, is well ahead of the curve.

Those who have been early adopters, such as mining giants Rio Tinto and BHP, are reaping significant rewards — not only in terms of cost reductions and efficiency gains, but in safety.

The mining sector is one of the best current examples of the benefits of automation; with leaders in other sectors; predominantly logistics, retail and defence — showing substantial progress.

The early adopters of autonomous technologies will have a significant head start over the competition and put themselves in an amazing position to not only defend but grow market share.

The below diagram, and overview, highlight a number of the key relationships between startups, incumbents, retailers, miners and all ‘major’ players at the centre of what is a very fast moving world within automation and logistics technology.

key relationships

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