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All eyes and ears! Links to interesting Webinars and Radio programmes


Autonocast - the future of transportation.

A weekly show discussing the future of transportation Alex Roy, Edward Niedermeyer, and Kirsten Korosec.


Autonomous Cars - with Marc Hoag

Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag is the world's only weekly podcast dedicated entirely to driverless cars, and the #1 result on Google! We discuss the products, tech, law, policy, and societal impacts of self driving cars as they start to become a thing in our everyday lives. Participation is encouraged, and let's have fun discussing what is sure to be the greatest step change in humanity since the Industrial Revolution!


Driverless Radio - casual talk about self-driving cars with Zaira and Robert Solano

In this podcast, Robert (an engineer) and Zaira Solano (his lovely wife; not an engineer) discuss self-driving car technology.


The Mobility Podcast - the podcast about mobility, technology, and people.

A podcast about mobility, technology, people, and the policies that affect all of them. Hosted by: Greg Rogers of Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE), Greg Rodriguez of BB&K Law, and Pete Gould of Shared Mobility Strategies.


Smart Mobility Living Lab London - a brand new podcast series from London's Smart Mobility Living Lab poses the big questions facing the future of mobility – and, more specifically, investigates the life-changing journey that road-bound transportation is embarking on.

The podcast doesn’t just ask questions – anyone can do that. It’ll be trying to answer them too.

Tune into Journey Makers each month to hear experts grappling with everything from insurance to design, emergency services, deliveries, rentals and more.

Radio Programmes

Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine

Society has slowly handed over significant control to computers but how much should we rely on them over our own instincts? Mathematician Hannah Fry uncovers the hidden algorithms behind almost every aspect of our modern lives; lifting the lid on their inner workings, demonstrating their power and exposing their limitations.

Cars: will algorithms power the perfect autonomous vehicle? Between Bayes theorem and the problem of mischievous humans, Hannah Fry has her doubts...


BBC Radio 4 - Frontiers: Driverless cars

Most traffic accidents are caused by human error, but would we accept driverless vehicles that communicate with each other and with the roads to prevent collisions happening?



Thatcham Research - Autonomous Emergency Braking

AEB is probably the most important development in car safety since the seat belt and could save an incredible 1,100 lives and 122,860 casualties in the UK over the next decade.

It’s a safety technology that monitors the road ahead and will automatically brake the car if the driver fails to respond to a collision threat. Think of it like an extra pair of eyes on the road and an extra foot over the brake pedal, ready to act if you’re distracted. In this way, rather than protect the driver using the seat belt and airbag in a crash, AEB can avoid the crash completely.



TU-Automotive- Is The Connected Car Ready For Autonomy?

Future vehicles will be heavily reliant on connectivity, but is our connectivity good enough? Without that core connected component, planned functionalities e.g. V2X and user experience cannot be fully realised.

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@The Economist

Driverless cars could greatly reduce deaths and injuries from road accidents. But automated car technology still has its flaws

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