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23 June 2022 – This week, a US Department of Transportation report detailed the crashes that advanced driver-assistance systems have been involved in over the past year or so. Tesla’s advanced features, including Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, accounted for 70 percent of the nearly 400 incidents—many more than previously known. But the report may raise more questions about this safety tech than it answers, researchers say, because of blind spots in the data.

Push for new body to probe ‘half-human’ vehicle crashes

19 May 2022 – Australia should set up a US-style investigation body to examine road incidents involving automated vehicles, two experts say, after a woman who claimed to be driving a Tesla in autopilot mode collided with a nurse boarding a tram in Melbourne this week.

Britain moves closer to a self-driving revolution

20 April 2022 – Drivers will be able to experience the full benefits of the first self-driving vehicles when they arrive, as government sets out how they should be driven safely on UK roads.