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Policy Support Tool

20 September 2023 – The go-to, one-stop-shop to support decisions on Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) related interventions

Acute and Chronic Impacts of Vehicle Automation

20 September 2023 – This Acute and Chronic Impacts of Vehicle Automation briefing paper prepared by PACTS Road User Behaviour Working Party,and authored by RoadSafe trustee Dr Nick Reed, brings to focus on the risks and proposes ways to mitigate them.

First ever UK ‘ghost driver’ study using visual displays to communicate with pedestrians

11 September 2023 – A novel study undertaken by the University of Nottingham has found that, in the absence of someone in the driving seat, pedestrians trust certain visual prompts more than others when deciding whether to cross in front of an autonomous car.

Self Driving Toolkit - Update

29 August 2023 – The toolkit will provides a set of clear definitions, terminologies and explanations, using plain language for use in self-driving vehicle marketing.

The tech-driven roads of tomorrow:

2 August 2023 – The tech-driven roads of tomorrow: Advancing safety, efficiency and sustainability in the road ecosystem

Connected vehicles offer the opportunity to look into the future

28 July 2023 – Data collected from connected vehicles can be used to help identify dangerous stretches of road before anyone is killed or seriously injured on them.

UAE awards first license for autonomous vehicle testing to WeRide

4 July 2023 – This will enable the China-based autonomous driving company to test its vehicles on the country’s roads.