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Driver training for future automated vehicles

18 November 2020 – A new study by the University of Nottingham and the RAC Foundation suggests that behavioural training for drivers is paramount for the transition into the next stage of automated vehicles, known as level 3 automation.

Zencic launches second edition of UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030

9 November 2020 – The new insights of the updated report show where UK companies are well placed to deliver core elements of Connected and Autonomous Mobility.

The world’s first Assisted Driving Grading system

14 October 2020 – By putting today’s Assisted Driving systems through their paces Thatcham Research, alongside Euro NCAP, can independently assess their strengths and weaknesses.

StreetWise reveals consumer confidence in autonomous vehicles

1 September 2020 – Consumer confidence in autonomous driving technologies is high – this was the major result from a commuter trial in London led by the UK’s self-driving technology firm, Five, in a project partnership called StreetWise, alongside TRL and Direct Line Group.

Automated Lane Keeping System call for evidence

27 August 2020 – The UK Government has launched a consultation on an automated system capable of taking vehicle control to make driving safer and easier.