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Communications Technologies and Road Safety in the 2020s - A Positioning Paper

30 July 2021 – RoadSafe has convened an expert group on this topic involving representatives from Agilysis, Bosch, Geotab, Highways England, Reed Mobility, the Road Safety Foundation and TRL with a focus on how the exchange of data between drivers, vehicles and infrastructure enables new ways to support safe, efficient and sustainable driving over the coming decade. Our shared view is that technology and connectivity could help turn the tide on stagnated safety performance, capitalising on the UK’s position as a global leader in road safety, connected and automated vehicles and associated technologies

Project Endeavour autonomous vehicle trial heads to Birmingham

13 July 2021 – The UK Government-backed project will test its autonomous vehicles on Birmingham’s busy road network as it looks to advance driverless technology in the UK.

Stock take: Legal groundwork laid for self-driving cars on UK roads

13 July 2021 – The UK government is developing legislation to permit autonomous cars to drive on public roads, which will address a range of issues such as insurance, liability and cybersecurity and establish a legal framework to govern driverless vehicles.

Digital Commentary Driving: The new safety technique that can help put automated vehicles on our roads

17 June 2021 – BSI’s CAV Safety Benchmarking report proposes “Digital Commentary Driving” technique to be used as an objective measure of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) safety performance. The new technique involves the continuous collection of data from a CAV on its perceptions, decisions, reactions and feedback whilst driving. It is similar to “commentary driving”, a technique used to train and assess human drivers, in which they are required to verbalize relevant information in the driving scene.

The Promise and Peril of Self-Driving Cars in Cities

17 June 2021 – If self-driving cars are going to eventually be profitable taxis, they need to operate safely in dense areas. That means not killing pedestrians and cyclists.

Podcast: Connected and autonomous vehicles - where the rubber hits the road

4 June 2021 – From drones to AI-driven connected cars running on a wealth of data, CAVs is one of smart cities most exciting areas and something that will form a key plank of innovation in the decade ahead. SmartCitiesWorld recently sat down with Michael Ger, Managing Director, Manufacturing and Automotive at Cloudera, and Douglas O’Flaherty, Global Ecosystem Leader at IBM Storage, to discuss the autonomous vehicle market, its opportunities today and what lies in wait for the decade ahead. Below is an extract from the conversation, which has been edited for length and clarity.

Autonomous Vehicle Safety: Pedestrian Detection in the Spotlight

4 May 2021 – Intellias has released a report on how technology can enhance pedestrian detection to ensure autonomous vehicle safety within populated urban environments.