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Autonomous Vehicle Safety: Pedestrian Detection in the Spotlight

4 May 2021 – Intellias has released a report on how technology can enhance pedestrian detection to ensure autonomous vehicle safety within populated urban environments.

Government to allow use of “self-driving” tech on UK roads this year

29 April 2021 – The Government has confirmed it will legalise the use of “self-driving” driver assistance systems before the end of the year.

5G and mobile edge computing trial to improve safety for everyone sharing the road

15 April 2021 – Goal is to investigate how 5G and mobile edge computing could ensure fast, reliable communication between road infrastructure, vehicles and pedestrians sharing the road to reduce collisions.

Safe Drive Initiative The Autonomous Vehicle Governance Ecosystem: A Guide for Decision-Makers

13 April 2021 – The conventional automotive industry is a mature, highly regulated, consolidated global business environment, which was conventionally accustomed to lengthy processes of product development and engineering developed and refined through the 20th century. However, with the advent of connectivity, electrification, automated driving and shared mobility, these titans of industry have been forced to become agile, fast-moving organizations as driven by the race to deliver the connected, autonomous vehicles (AVs) of the future.

The Third European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving

16 March 2021 – The third European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving will be held virtually from 20 to 22 April 2021.

Enabling wide-scale deployment of autonomous mobility across our towns and cities.

15 March 2021 – Project Endeavour is a mobility project designed to accelerate and scale the adoption of autonomous vehicle services across the UK, and maximise the potential of this exciting technology. We are working with local authorities and members of the public in London, Oxford and other major UK cities to run advanced simulations alongside pilots on public roads that will shape the future of mobility.

Bosch turns connected devices into personal guardian angels

10 March 2021 – Bosch turns connected devices into personal guardian angels with Help Connect - an app for automatic emergency assistance – on the road and at home.

Espoo launches autonomous street sweeper pilot programme

10 March 2021 – The Finnish city of Espoo is launching a commercial trial of an autonomous street sweeper.

New study finds driverless vehicles could create more traffic congestion

8 March 2021 – A type of driverless vehicle designed to reduce traffic congestion has been found to have the opposite effect according to researchers at The University of Western Australia.

Safety Case Framework - Zenzic

3 March 2021 – The Safety Case Framework: Guidance Edition provides direction for the safe testing and trialing of connected and automated mobility (CAM) in the UK. Authored by HORIBA MIRA, TRL and WMG, and compiled by Zenzic, it aims to help trialling organisations and reviewers save time and money, with a unified approach to safety case development.