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Enabling wide-scale deployment of autonomous mobility across our towns and cities.

15 March 2021

Source: https://www.projectendeavour.uk/

Endeavour is enabling early deployment of autonomous vehicles to urban areas.

We are designing a future of mobility that benefits everyone: a future that people can trust, that adapts to their needs, complements or enhances their existing travel experiences and moves with the changing nature of our busy urban environments.

Our consortium has the technology and toolkit needed to make connected and autonomous vehicles work. Now we want to explore how to build services using these vehicles, and to help local authorities incorporate those services into their future plans.

Setting up pilots for connected and autonomous vehicles in the public environment is a complex and time-consuming process. Before any autonomous vehicles are allowed on the road, it’s necessary to coordinate with multiple different stakeholders and establish a robust safety case. And this process has to be repeated from the ground up for each new trial site.

Project Endeavour aims to create a flexible, scalable model that will make this process quicker, easier, and more efficient – whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

With each new deployment, we’ll continue to improve our tools, processes, simulations, engagement and operational models.

Scaling up autonomous vehicle services.

To date, autonomous vehicles and the services they enable have been seen as something far off, for the future.

But we have the technology needed to make this future of mobility a reality. Now it’s time to show how it can work in complex urban environments and involve relevant stakeholders in defining a road to connected and autonomous mobility.

Our project brings everyone into the discussion: from local authorities, to road safety groups, transport providers, and, most importantly, the general public. We have the technology needed to make this future of mobility a reality.

The UK’s towns and cities differ greatly, each with their own quirks, from varying road design to urban planning. That’s why we’re running on-road trials in three different cities, so that we can design autonomous vehicle services that address all the complexities of urban life – and be scalable to diverse locations across the UK and further afield.