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EU agrees on provisional deal on new vehicle safety standards for 2022

29 March 2019

This week the EU agreed a provisional deal on new vehicle safety standards for 2022. One of the new requirements is to fit an overridable Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) system as standard. The ISA will support drivers to drive within the speed limit and is part of a package of vehicle safety measures designed to prevent 25,000 avoidable road deaths. The EU expects that the proposed measures will help save lives and avoid at least 140,000 serious injuries by 2038. The EU’s long-term goal is to approach zero fatalities and serious injuries by 2050 under its ‘Vision Zero’ plan.

TRL Academy Director Richard Cuerden helped to shape the regulation and says “Intelligent Speed Assistance and Drowsiness and Distraction Recognition will support drivers in their ongoing tasks; Autonomous Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Keeping will intervene in the most critical situations to avoid a crash; and improved crash tests will ensure that injuries of occupants as well as pedestrians and cyclists are minimised in the remaining collisions.”

Click here to watch the ISA briefing by TRL Academy Director Richard Cuerden.