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Safety Case Framework - Zenzic

3 March 2021

The Safety Case Framework: Guidance Edition provides direction for the safe testing and trialing of connected and automated mobility (CAM) in the UK. Authored by HORIBA MIRA, TRL and WMG, and compiled by Zenzic, it aims to help trialling organisations and reviewers save time and money, with a unified approach to safety case development.

The guidance sets out detailed safety requirements, offers an efficient process for developing best-practice risk management, and improves interoperability within and outside CAM Testbed UK. This reduces the need to duplicate risk management reporting, whilst maintaining exemplary safety standards.

There are two reports – one for trialling organisations creating safety cases, and another for reviewers of safety cases.


Source & downloads of reports: https://zenzic.io/reports-and-resources/safety-case-framework/