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Seizing the self-driving vehicle opportunity

11 April 2019

Story from Autonomous Vehicle International.

Self-driving vehicles are poised to trigger huge social, industrial and economic benefits.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), this market could be worth £51bn (US$61bn) a year to the UK economy by 2030, and will bring about a range of economic and societal benefits.

These include expanding the industrial base, boosting productivity, enhancing road safety and reducing congestion and pollution. However, challenges, such as public perceptions around safety, will need to be tackled as we move toward this future and its undeniable benefits.

Dealing with these issues now will allow us to realise the true potential of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV), something that will only be possible if legislation moves in tandem with technological developments. Codes of practice are a vital component in setting out a path for safe and effective self-driving vehicle development.

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