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Smart pedestrian crosswalk uses V2X to help save pedestrian lives

18 March 2019

Story from Autonomous Vehicle International.

Connected infrastructure will prove vital for the safe mass roll-out of self-driving vehicles, which is why a smart pedestrian crosswalk has been developed that will alert vehicles to people crossing the road so it can take appropriate action.

Created by Bercman Technologies and using V2X technology provided by Cohda Wireless, the system comprises high-tech electronic signage positioned at either side of pedestrian crosswalks to alert pedestrians and other road-users to danger and prevent road-accident fatalities.

In Europe alone, more than a quarter of road-accident fatalities (approximately 24,000) involve pedestrians or cyclists so this technology could save many lives.

“There are several reasons why pedestrian crosswalks feature in so many accidents and fatalities involving vulnerable road-users but one of the biggest reasons is that people place an undue amount of trust in pedestrian crossings and assume it is always safe to cross,” explained Paul Gray, CEO, Cohda Wireless.

“In a connected and collaborative road transport environment, the Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk Solution will leverage our V2X technology to alert vulnerable road-users of cars and other vehicles approaching the crossing and which appear, by reason of their approach speed, unlikely to stop.”

“Similarly, connected vehicles will also be alerted to the presence of pedestrian crosswalks and vulnerable pedestrians in the vicinity ensuring that the driver is aware of them and can take the appropriate action.''

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