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The world’s first Assisted Driving Grading system

14 October 2020

Story from Thatcham Research.

By putting today’s Assisted Driving systems through their paces Thatcham Research, alongside Euro NCAP, can independently assess their strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to demystify the technology, encouraging widespread adoption and safe use.

Automated Driving systems have the potential to bring safety benefits to our roads in the future. But they’re not a reality yet. The most sophisticated driver aids motorists can currently call upon are Assisted Driving systems. This tech is a common feature on many new cars. 

For an Assisted Driving system to be safe and effective, it’s crucial drivers know the capability and limitations of it and how to use it safely.  

To support consumers, Thatcham Research has worked with Euro NCAP to develop the world’s first Assisted Driving Grading framework that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the assisted technology on new cars. 

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