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Velodyne develops its most advanced lidar sensor

6 December 2019

Supplier of sensing systems for the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, Velodyne Lidar, Inc. has launched the new Alpha Prime next-generation lidar (light detection and ranging) sensor that aims to be the most advanced unit currently available

Using Velodyne’s patented surround view technology, Alpha Prime is intended to deliver the combined highest performance specifications for the autonomous mobility industry in one sensor. The company says the new unit is an unmatched solution in perception, field-of-view and range for autonomous markets including transportation, trucking and robotics. Offering a new level of power efficiency, the Alpha Prime is available now for orders and delivery, with Velodyne providing world-class technical support for the new sensor across North America, Europe, and Asia. The unit’s unique combination of breakthrough innovations allows vehicles to navigate in unfamiliar and dynamic settings. Its best-in-class capabilities help improve vehicle safety and enable more precise mapping.

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