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Webinar:Virtual Validation of Automated Vehicles

17 June 2020

TRL’s Smart Mobility Living Lab is hosting a webinar to explore the subject of Virtual Validation of Automated Vehicles: What? How? Why? What next?

It will take place on the 23rd June at 16:00 hours.

Virtual Validation is a method to collect objective evidence of the reliability of the decision making that is built into the “brain” of an AV system. 

It uses a powerful combination of 3D simulation of an AV, injected into a simulated environment, to see how the vehicle behaves when presented with precise conditions known to have caused an incident in the real world. With that data, it then becomes possible to evaluate the behaviour of the AV against agreed safety performance requirements.

This event will be hosted by James Long, Solution Architect at SMLL. Guest presenters are Ceki Erginbas, CAV BIM Consultant at TRL and Dr David Hynd, Chief Scientist at TRL. They will explain the science behind this concept and demonstrate it in action.  They will put the technique into context in this fast-changing automotive sector, and identify its role and relevance to European R&D.

Adam Barrow, Collision Data Consultant at TRL will join the panel for Q&A.

For more information and to register your interest please click here.