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Environment & Infrastructure

In this section, we will deal with the environment and infrastructure needed to support CAVs. We are therefore required to establish the nature of the infrastructure needed that might be helpful or necessary in supporting CAVs, and explore the potential opportunities for infrastructure adaptation to support the introduction of CAVs.

There are a few examples, such as traffic management measures, road markings, car parkings or even the impact on bridge structures, that will be developed in more detail in this section. This will enable a better understanding of the CAV world, which is not only about the vehicles but also about the environment and infrastructures around those vehicles.   

Each infrastructure aspect has to be considered from a planning, design, implementation and operations perspective.

We should not forget the environmental aspect that takes into account a larger scope, covering:

  • infrastructures.
  • other types of vehicles (such as cycles, bikes, etc...).
  • cities and the difference between suburban and rural areas, which will imply many challenges to overcome and make the CAVs more safe in a more adapted environment.