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Ethics of CAV

Ethics of CAV testing and operation

What are the ethical principles behind CAV development and deployment?


Ethics of Connected and Automated Vehicles 

Recommendations on road safety, privacy, fairness, explainability, and responsibility.


This report presents the work of a European Commission Expert Group established to advise on specific ethical issues raised by driverless mobility for road transport. The report aims to promote a safe and responsible transition to connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) by supporting stakeholders in the systematic inclusion of ethical considerations in the development and regulation of CAVs. In the past few years, ethical questions.

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The 'Trolley Problem' -  "The Moral Machine experiment"


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence have come concerns about how machines will make moral decisions, and the major challenge of quantifying societal expectations about the ethical principles that should guide machine behaviour. To address this challenge, this paper deploys the Moral Machine, an online experimental platform designed to explore the moral dilemmas faced by autonomous vehicles. This platform gathered 40 million decisions in ten languages from millions of people in 233 countries and territories. Here, this paper describe the results of this experiment. Firstly, it summarizes global moral preferences. Secondly, it documents individual variations in preferences, based on respondents’ demographics. Thirdly, it reports cross-cultural ethical variation, and uncovers three major clusters of countries. Fourthly, it shows that these differences correlate with modern institutions and deep cultural traits. It discusses how these preferences can contribute to developing global, socially acceptable principles for machine ethics. All data used in this article are publicly available.

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Awad, Edmond & Dsouza, Sohan & Kim, Richard & Schulz, Jonathan & Henrich, Joseph & Shariff, Azim & Bonnefon, Jean-François & Rahwan, Iyad. (2018). The Moral Machine Experiment. Nature. 563. 10.1038/s41586-018-0637-6.

Why 'Trolley Problems' are not of practical relevance for the development of CAV's - "Doubting driverless dilemmas"


The alarm has been raised on so-called ‘driverless dilemmas’, in which autonomous vehicles will need to make ethical decisions on the road. This study argues that these ideas are too contrived to be of practical use, and that they represent an incorrect model of proper safe decision making, not to be used to inform policy.

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De Freitas, J., Anthony, S. E., & Alvarez, G. (2019, January 25). Doubting driverless dilemmas. https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/a36e5