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How will connected cars improve safety?

As technology in vehicles continues to accelerate, the number of devices which can potentially connect to them increases. These devices are designed to make driving a car safer for passengers, drivers and other road users. When connected cars are able to communicate with town and city infrastructure like ‘smart roads’, traffic lights and up-to-the-minute warning systems, the high number of traffic accidents is very likely to be significantly reduced. Drivers will receive the latest reports on potentially dangerous road and weather conditions, upcoming collisions or diversions in their direct vicinity and any other need-to-know information will be sent straight to their dashboard.

There have been numerous reports on the improvements in safety that driverless cars will provide, with some car makers going so far as to suggest that their self-driving cars will be an even safer option than connected cars which have a driver behind the wheel. Whether or not this is true is yet to be confirmed, but what we do know is that sensory technology allows driverless cars to recognize and respond to risks on the road, as well as recognise each other, creating a much more aware driving environment which will no doubt play a huge role in road and passenger safety.

Source: Medium - What are the Benefits of Driving a Connected Car?