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Programmes run by CCAV

The past, current and future programme of projects being run by CCAV/Meridian.

Find an overview of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle research and development projects in the UK run by CCAV .


The MERGE Greenwich Project


MERGE Greenwich is a ground-breaking project, led by global mobility services operator Addison Lee, which aims to re-think urban transport. Jointly funded by the government and by leading industry partners, the project will simulate how passengers can cut their transport costs and journey times by sharing driverless or autonomous vehicles (AV) with other passengers, and how these vehicles can be integrated with buses, tubes and trains.

Over the next twelve months, the £1m MERGE Greenwich project will analyse Londoners’ travel habits and design a blueprint for a scalable, commercially viable AV ride-sharing services to fit into the city’s public transport strategy and plans.

mailto: merge@AddisonLee.com


Move uk

MOVE_UK is a project designed to accelerate the development, market readiness and deployment of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) through connected systems validation and big data analysis.

The project began in August 2016 and will conclude in July 2019. The Project involves the trial of a new, more efficient, method of ADS Validation using a small fleet of Land Rover Production vehicles driven in real world conditions on the roads of Greenwich, London. The Trial vehicles are fitted with a number of advanced driver assistance systems, and the new validation method focusses on ‘intelligent’ Recording of specific events which are relevant to the development and validation of future ADS.

Project Lead: Simon Morley Simon.Morley@uk.bosch.com

UK CITE - Connected Intelligent Transport Environment

Uk cite

A project to create one of the world’s most advanced environments for connected and autonomous driving. The globally unique UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE) will enable automotive, infrastructure and service companies to trial connected vehicle technology, infrastructure and services in real-life conditions on 40 miles of roads within Coventry and Warwickshire. The project will establish how technology can improve journeys, reduce traffic congestion and provide in-vehicle entertainment and safety services through better connectivity.

Project Lead: Claire Lewis clewis22@visteon.com

5StarS - Automotive Cybersecurity Through Assurance


The rapidly proliferating wireless connectivity and automation of road vehicles offers many benefits to society, and significant commercial opportunity, but also brings a potential explosion of cybersecurity threats.

5StarS partners HORIBA MIRA, Ricardo, Roke, Thatcham Research and Axillium Research will together deliver the Automotive Cybersecurity Through Assurance project.

The project will:

  • Research and develop an innovative assurance methodology to assure that vehicles and their components have been designed and tested to the relevant cybersecurity standards throughout their lifecycle;
  • Research and develop a consumer and insurer oriented rating framework, analogous to existing Euro NCAP type ratings for vehicle safety, clarifying cybersecurity risk for the insurance industry;
  • Align with relevant existing and emerging international standards and regulations. Best practices from other sectors will be leveraged to address the challenge of establishing meaningful ways of providing cybersecurity assurance to consumers, unlocking the benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles.

Contact point

Paul Wooderson paul.wooderson@horiba-mira.com